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March 2010

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gita_gita13 in inspire_stories

Three Days

Lord of the night took his magic mirror looked into it. The mirror showed him the people in the village Sunny-Mountain. But it wasn't sunny there at all! It was all gray and people were sad and depressed doing their boring everyday life. "Let me make them happy!" Lord of night thought to himself. "Let me send them a piece of mine!" He waved his magic wand and a little drop fell off the wand all the way down to earth and over the mountain where the village Sunny-Mountain lied. The drop became a beautiful woman. People in the village where amazed and startled at the sight of this charming newcomer and asked her why she came to their miserable village. She said she came to make them happy, and so she is going to merry with the man who is really devoted to her. "How can we show our devotion O Queen of beauty?!" people asked ambitiously. The queen pointed at the highest mountain pick and said: "That mountain top is the peak of bliss! I shall merry the lucky man who manages to arrive there within three days from now!". At saying this the race began and all the men in the village rushed to climb the mountain, some who were stronger and fitter got to the top effortlessly, some who were weaker stayed behind, some got stuck in the middle and some gave up the effort at the sight of difficulties in the way. After three days they gathered at the main square of the village where the Queen was to declare her future husband based on the outcome of the race. She said: "My devoted people! All of you here showed a great deal of effort and devotion, but the one with whom I shall merry is actually not present here among us! For even though he could not reach the top, he tried so hard that he finally exhausted himself and passed out in the middle of the way and now he is in the hospital! My people! Devolution is not about the achievements. Some of you who had physical strength and opportunity to develop muscles and hiking skills reached to the top while others who were weaker in body and had not grown muscles and strength couldn't accomplish this. But devotion is not about this size of muscles or physical strength in hiking! Devotion is about doing our best, is about trying to our full capacity for the one we love! This man did his best in hiking, even though his hiking capacity was not compared to many of you, but his effort and vigilance was superior to all of you, so was his devotion to me. To this man I shall merry today!"