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March 2010

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gita_gita13 in inspire_stories

Why Are There So Many Roses?

There is a vast flat area in a forest called Rose-Garden, because it is full of roses, almost like an endless sea! Every spring, people of the nearby villages would come to observe and adore the mesmerizing scenery of countless roses blooming in the fresh spring weather. There was a mother and a child among the visitors. The child asked with exitement: "Mom! how come there are so many roses here?! where are they coming from?". The mother answered:
- My dear child! in the very old times, long before any of the people were born, or their even their grandparents, this area was empty, except for one lonely rose standing in the middle of the land. The rose was sad, for it had no seed to reproduce itself. So by coming of the winter, it was to perish and never come back again. The spring and summer were already gone and the rose could feel the autumn is bringing him the signs of old age, a constant reminder that "winter is close!". The rose prayed many times: "O God! my life is short and the end is close, how can I attain seed and grow eternaly like other plants here? how can I survive the winter and see the fragrance of the new year's spring?" But he recevived no answer. One cold automn evening when the sun was setting in blood red, almost the same color of the autumn leaves, a young man walked into the forest and sat beside the rose, saying: "O rose, I came here because I'm so sad! and I think you are the only one who may be sadder than me!". "Why are you sad young man?" the rose asked. "the woman I love, the woman I adore" the young man said in a hopeless voice "is there, over that hill, but I find no courage to go and court her. I tried everyway, but I recevievd no answer! Now I'm lonely and sad, just as you!" The rose understood the man. The rose felt compassion ... then a sudden intuition passed the rose's mind: "Pick me up and give to her as a gift, then she shall become happy and merry you!" "Oh no" said the young man in amazement "you are the only rose in this world, and you won't come back again after this winter, how do you want to give up this only life of yours?" The rose insisted: "Come on, pick me up, all I see around is automn and falling leaves, I won't survive the winter to see the blossoms, but you and the woman you love may walk together in the fair of spring, this way, while my body cannot make it to the spring, my memory may make it and it is pleasant for me!" The young man picked the rose and offered it to his beloved woman. The touch of her hand with the compassionate rose gave her a wave of love and she merried the young man ... and the rose was kept carefully in a big pot indoor, but nevertheless, being old and cut off from its roots, it gradually died within several days. But the moment before his death he heard the voice of God speaking to him for the first time: "My rose! What you did for this young man, that you sacrified yourself for a man's happiness, was the act of utmost love and compassion! for this reason I give the seeds of immortality! So while your flower shall die and your leaves withered in the winter by the law of nature, in the spring, by the law of love and immortallity, you shall bloom again into your youth! And there will be many offssprings of yours growing in this forest, from now on, whenever a person things of love for another person, one rose shall grow here, if the person thinks with love of two people, two roses shall grow here ... and if a compassionate man thinks of all the people with love, a big patch of roses shall grow here"
The mother continued:
- And that's why this area is so full of roses my child, they are signs of all-embracing love and immortality for all the beings