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March 2010

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gita_gita13 in inspire_stories

Remembering Ourselves

A lecture was about to be delivered by a very important spiritual master and many people had come from different places to hear the teachings. The master had written a book and asked everyone to have a copy of the book, for it was very necessary for the lecture. The master entered the room and went up to the platform:
- My friends, I asked you to bring your books, for we need them now! Did everyone bring the book?
everyone nodded in affirmation.
- Very nice! And before coming here, did you take a look at it?
All people nodded positively and some stated that they have already read the entire book!
- That's very perfect! And when you were reading the book, did you highlighted some important sentences, or take note from them?
Many people showed their books with green or pink highlighted sentences and some showed their long scribbled notes.
- Sweet! then we have done everything, except one thing that we are going to do now: tear up the book and all your notes!!
People paused in amazement, but the master went on and tore up his book and threw up the papers with a cry of joy! Others did the same and a a white snow of the book's papers pured down their on their heads. The master said:
-My good friends! In our daily life, we often forget ourself and focus on others. I tell you, to get a chance to taste the magic of life we must focus on ourself and forget others! this way you will see that you never needed any master to guide you, that you always knew the truth, that you always forgot your true nature, that no effort is needed to remember your true nature, that everyone has inherited this magic of life, that everyone is master and all people are equal ... and that when you find yourself you will find all other people too!