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March 2010



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Feb. 23rd, 2010


Who is the Strongest?

One day the boy Satyana saw his father, Ujanola chopping huge chunks of wood in the forest and carry them all with him effortlessly. Amazed by his father's strength he asked:
- Father, is there any one stronger than you?!
Ujanola laughed and replied:
- My fair son! of course, your uncle Mandhonia is stronger, for when we compete, he always wrestles me down! He is the strongest athlete in the city.
- If this is so, then is there anyone stronger than uncle Mandhonia?
- Yes, the governor's guard, for they can arrest anyone in the city, no one can resist guard's soldiers.
- Is there any thing stronger than the governor's guard?
- Yes, the royal army of the empire, no army in the world can stop the juggernaut of its countless number of iron-blooded warriors!
- Is there anything stronger than the royal army?
- Yes, the river is stronger, for when the river floods, it drowns everything, the whole land including the royal army will drown and perish!
- Is there anything stronger than the river?
- Yes, the sea is stronger than the river, for to the sea flow all these rivers, sea swallows them all while remaining calm and peaceful all the time!
- Is there anything stronger than the sea?
- Yes, the sun is stronger than the sea, for the burning rays of sun evaporate the waters in the sea, the sun destroys everything!
- Is there anything stronger than the sun?
- Yes, the cloud is stronger than the sun, for the cloud covers the sun, the cloud embraces and hides everything!
- Is there anything stronger than the cloud?
- Yes, the wind is stronger than the cloud, for by the wind clouds are carried away, the wind caries everything away!
- Is there anything stronger than the wind?
- Yes, the mountains are stronger than the wind, for they stand firm against the wind and storm, nothing can move the mountains!
- Is there anything stronger than the mountains?
- Yes, time is stronger than the mountains, for by the lapse of time all these mountains shall decay and turn to dust, so will anything else! Time defeats everything!
- Is there anything stronger than time?
Ujanola thought for a while and said
- Yes, patience is stronger than time, for by patience and calmness the wise man overcomes the time, so he overcomes everything else!


It is Said ...

It is said that teachers always stay in the same class, but student go to different classes
Sellers sell the same things but passengers buy new things
Speakers give the same speech but listeners hear new speech
Players play the same game, but observers observe different games

So be a student, passenger, listener and observer ...

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