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inspire_stories's Journal

Share Inspiring and Soul Rising Stories!
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Inspiring Stories and Parables Posted by Everyone and Enjoyed by All
Let's sing a song that sweet sleep follows
Let's have a party and invite everyone
Let's paint a sun that shines everywhere
Let's write the stories that inspire everyone!

Dear friends! I thought it would be awesome to have a community where people can share their inspiring and spiritual stories and pieces. They can be original stories, real life stories, or elevating old parables heard from others ... Any spirit-rising stuff is welcome! This is an open community and everyone can post here. I did some sample postings, but definitely there are much more talented people whose posts can turn this community to a real 'online chicken soup for soul!' I'll keep posting here but more people are needed for contribution and specially for moderation and maintenance as I won't be able to do all these things alone (to ensure the quality I think it would be nice to moderate the posts, what do you think?). Let me know if you are interested.

About me: I'm a (ordinary!) spiritual/inspiring story writer.