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Mar. 15th, 2010


The Most Valuable One

A teacher gave to his student three similar dolls in the form of human and asked him: "Tell me which one is the most valuable one". The student was puzzled as these dolls were exactly the same in shape, size, colour, ... He couldn't find any distinction between any two of them. He confessed to his teacher "O teacher, they all look the same to me, I see no difference between them to indicate any superiority or inferiority". The master gave him a thin twig and ordered him to stick it in the ear hole of one the dolls. The student did so and it came out of the doll's other ear's hole. The master said "this is a man who forgets whatever he hears". Having said this, he ordered his student to put this doll aside and take another one and perform the same action. This time the twig came out of the doll's mouth. The master said: "This is a man who reveals to anyone whatever he hears". Then the student took the last doll and repeated the same process, the twig did not come out of anywhere at all. "This is a man" the master said "who keeps in his heart, whatever he hears. He is wise, he is the most valuable one."

Mar. 1st, 2010


Then I Learned ...

When I was a child, I thought there is a solution to all the problems ...
Then I learned that many solutions are needed ...
Then I learned that each solution becomes a problem itself ...
Then I learned that there is neither problem nor solution ... all there is, is life and its transformations.
Then I learned ... ?

Peace ...


A Lesson on Contentment

A man came to Nasreddin saying:
- my house is so noisy and disgusting! so full of children running around and making horrible noises, with their toys and stuff spread all over the house. The kitchen is dirty and I cannot tolerate it any more. What should I do then?
-Do you have chickens?
-Bring them in the house! And come to me again tomorrow and tell me how it is going.
The next day, the man came again and said:
-O Nasreddin, the situation is even worse now, not only the kids are running around and the house is dirty on its own, now the chickens are squawking and leaving poops all around! What should I do?
-Do you have cows?
-Bring them in the house! And come to me again tomorrow and tell me how it is going.
The next day, the man came again and said:
-O Nasreddin, it is so unbearable now, the kids are making noise and throwing things around, the chickens are squawking and leaving poops, additionally, these cows are messing around and running over everything in the house. so so crazy, I pary you, tell me what should I do?
-Do you have horses?
-Bring them in the house! And come to me again tomorrow and tell me how it is going.
The next day, the poor man came with a pale face and began to speak with a tired voice:
-Nasreddin, the peace is altogether lost in my house! The kids are messing around, the chickens don't miss any opportunity to dirty the place, squawking all the time, then come the crazy cows and horses, the broke everything and now are racing with each other! Tell me for the last time what should I do, for if I stay in such a house one more night, I shall end up in the grave!
Nasreddin said:
-take all the animals out! And come to me again tomorrow and tell me how it is going.
The next the man came to Nasreddin, with a joyful voice he said:
-God bless you! how quite is our house now! how clean it is! except some occasional and mild voices from the kids and some almost-invisible stains in the kitchen, this house is ideal to me!


When you feel miserable, think about those who are more miserable than you
When you feel proud, think about those who are better than you
when you feel sad, think about those who are sadder than you
when you feel happy, think about those who are happier than you

Feb. 28th, 2010


Pebbles in Shoes!

There was a hiking contest between a group of school kids. The teacher asked each kid to pour a handful of pebbles in his or her left shoe, but keep the right shoe clean and comfortable. Then the hiking race began and kids were interviewed after the hiking. Some of them said that they couldn't get along with the pebbles, so they had to stop and take the pebbles out. But this took them some time and they got behind the group. Other group of kids stated that they were trying to ignore the left shoe (uncomfortable one), by focusing on the comfort of the right shoe. They say it was very hard to keep concentrated, for the comfort of each right step would remind them of the coming painful left step and they still would hesitate to take the left step! Finally there were a few who decided to ignore both the comfortable and uncomfortable shoes and walk as if there were no difference between the two shoes! They could keep the balance in walking and win the race ...

Feb. 27th, 2010


An Innocent Child

This happened at work one day, but I was moved by it and fondly remember it to this day. 
I was running carts back to the door and I saw a little girl...probably 5 or 6 on the ground by one of the little reflector mirrors on the registers.  She was kissing the mirror over and over.  
I said, "You really love your reflection, don't you?"
She said, "I love everybody in the whole wide world!"
I replied, "Wow, I wish more people were like you!"
I wasn't being sarcastic, I really do wish more people were like that innocent child.

Feb. 26th, 2010


Remembering Ourselves

A lecture was about to be delivered by a very important spiritual master and many people had come from different places to hear the teachings. The master had written a book and asked everyone to have a copy of the book, for it was very necessary for the lecture. The master entered the room and went up to the platform:
- My friends, I asked you to bring your books, for we need them now! Did everyone bring the book?
everyone nodded in affirmation.
- Very nice! And before coming here, did you take a look at it?
All people nodded positively and some stated that they have already read the entire book!
- That's very perfect! And when you were reading the book, did you highlighted some important sentences, or take note from them?
Many people showed their books with green or pink highlighted sentences and some showed their long scribbled notes.
- Sweet! then we have done everything, except one thing that we are going to do now: tear up the book and all your notes!!
People paused in amazement, but the master went on and tore up his book and threw up the papers with a cry of joy! Others did the same and a a white snow of the book's papers pured down their on their heads. The master said:
-My good friends! In our daily life, we often forget ourself and focus on others. I tell you, to get a chance to taste the magic of life we must focus on ourself and forget others! this way you will see that you never needed any master to guide you, that you always knew the truth, that you always forgot your true nature, that no effort is needed to remember your true nature, that everyone has inherited this magic of life, that everyone is master and all people are equal ... and that when you find yourself you will find all other people too!


Why Are There So Many Roses?

There is a vast flat area in a forest called Rose-Garden, because it is full of roses, almost like an endless sea! Every spring, people of the nearby villages would come to observe and adore the mesmerizing scenery of countless roses blooming in the fresh spring weather. There was a mother and a child among the visitors. The child asked with exitement: "Mom! how come there are so many roses here?! where are they coming from?". The mother answered:
- My dear child! in the very old times, long before any of the people were born, or their even their grandparents, this area was empty, except for one lonely rose standing in the middle of the land. The rose was sad, for it had no seed to reproduce itself. So by coming of the winter, it was to perish and never come back again. The spring and summer were already gone and the rose could feel the autumn is bringing him the signs of old age, a constant reminder that "winter is close!". The rose prayed many times: "O God! my life is short and the end is close, how can I attain seed and grow eternaly like other plants here? how can I survive the winter and see the fragrance of the new year's spring?" But he recevived no answer. One cold automn evening when the sun was setting in blood red, almost the same color of the autumn leaves, a young man walked into the forest and sat beside the rose, saying: "O rose, I came here because I'm so sad! and I think you are the only one who may be sadder than me!". "Why are you sad young man?" the rose asked. "the woman I love, the woman I adore" the young man said in a hopeless voice "is there, over that hill, but I find no courage to go and court her. I tried everyway, but I recevievd no answer! Now I'm lonely and sad, just as you!" The rose understood the man. The rose felt compassion ... then a sudden intuition passed the rose's mind: "Pick me up and give to her as a gift, then she shall become happy and merry you!" "Oh no" said the young man in amazement "you are the only rose in this world, and you won't come back again after this winter, how do you want to give up this only life of yours?" The rose insisted: "Come on, pick me up, all I see around is automn and falling leaves, I won't survive the winter to see the blossoms, but you and the woman you love may walk together in the fair of spring, this way, while my body cannot make it to the spring, my memory may make it and it is pleasant for me!" The young man picked the rose and offered it to his beloved woman. The touch of her hand with the compassionate rose gave her a wave of love and she merried the young man ... and the rose was kept carefully in a big pot indoor, but nevertheless, being old and cut off from its roots, it gradually died within several days. But the moment before his death he heard the voice of God speaking to him for the first time: "My rose! What you did for this young man, that you sacrified yourself for a man's happiness, was the act of utmost love and compassion! for this reason I give the seeds of immortality! So while your flower shall die and your leaves withered in the winter by the law of nature, in the spring, by the law of love and immortallity, you shall bloom again into your youth! And there will be many offssprings of yours growing in this forest, from now on, whenever a person things of love for another person, one rose shall grow here, if the person thinks with love of two people, two roses shall grow here ... and if a compassionate man thinks of all the people with love, a big patch of roses shall grow here"
The mother continued:
- And that's why this area is so full of roses my child, they are signs of all-embracing love and immortality for all the beings

Feb. 23rd, 2010


Three Days

Lord of the night took his magic mirror looked into it. The mirror showed him the people in the village Sunny-Mountain. But it wasn't sunny there at all! It was all gray and people were sad and depressed doing their boring everyday life. "Let me make them happy!" Lord of night thought to himself. "Let me send them a piece of mine!" He waved his magic wand and a little drop fell off the wand all the way down to earth and over the mountain where the village Sunny-Mountain lied. The drop became a beautiful woman. People in the village where amazed and startled at the sight of this charming newcomer and asked her why she came to their miserable village. She said she came to make them happy, and so she is going to merry with the man who is really devoted to her. "How can we show our devotion O Queen of beauty?!" people asked ambitiously. The queen pointed at the highest mountain pick and said: "That mountain top is the peak of bliss! I shall merry the lucky man who manages to arrive there within three days from now!". At saying this the race began and all the men in the village rushed to climb the mountain, some who were stronger and fitter got to the top effortlessly, some who were weaker stayed behind, some got stuck in the middle and some gave up the effort at the sight of difficulties in the way. After three days they gathered at the main square of the village where the Queen was to declare her future husband based on the outcome of the race. She said: "My devoted people! All of you here showed a great deal of effort and devotion, but the one with whom I shall merry is actually not present here among us! For even though he could not reach the top, he tried so hard that he finally exhausted himself and passed out in the middle of the way and now he is in the hospital! My people! Devolution is not about the achievements. Some of you who had physical strength and opportunity to develop muscles and hiking skills reached to the top while others who were weaker in body and had not grown muscles and strength couldn't accomplish this. But devotion is not about this size of muscles or physical strength in hiking! Devotion is about doing our best, is about trying to our full capacity for the one we love! This man did his best in hiking, even though his hiking capacity was not compared to many of you, but his effort and vigilance was superior to all of you, so was his devotion to me. To this man I shall merry today!"


An Spiritual Equation:

Statement 1:
Giving up the idea of happiness = not straining to be happy

Statement 2:
Not straining = Happiness

Conclusion: Giving up the idea of happiness = Constant happiness !!!!


I Forgot!

In an spiritual temple, one morning over the breakfast a disciple cried: "O Master, All of a sudden I got a very deep and elegant intuition about the truth! Let me explain it to you and then write it down before I forget this valuable gem!". The master said: "Join the others in the cleaning up and after the work we will write it down". The disciple did so and when the cleaning was done, the master came to him and asked: "so what was that elegant intuition that you wanted to discuss this morning". The disciple tried hard but couldn't remember properly what it was! He mumbled for a while and finally said in a sad voice: "see master! I forgot it! I should have written it down the moment it came to my mind, alas!" The master waved his hand and said: "don't regret my son! that means it shouldn't have been a very important intuition! probably it was just a spiritual burp during the breakfast!"

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